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On Ice Sessions

Our goalie sessions are designed with development in mind. We break down the “why” of the position and break down goaltending so our goalies become students of their own game. This helps them to understand how to play the position and to pick up on their own mistakes when they happen. We believe this approach helps to maximize a goalie’s development.

Each session is videoed and uploaded to a private account on our video app. We maintain a maximum of a 3 to 1 goalie to coach ratio. Our sessions are designed to focus on the areas that goalies struggle with or do not work on the most. Sessions are available in one off bookings or in multi session packages.

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Our goalie camps are designed to maximize our goalie’s development throughout the camp. We limit the amount of goalies on the ice and structure our ice sessions to have the goalies engaged for most of the session. Maximum goalie to coach ratio is 3 to 1. Our drill stations run video that is uploaded to a private account on our video app. We run a lot of skating and footwork drills throughout the week on top of the in net drills.

Off the ice, we provide many unique and relevant activities designed to help give our goalies the tools to improve their game off the ice as well. These include activities such as strength and flexibility training, cognitive training, and classroom sessions.

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Video Breakdown

Video is a great way for a goalie to help see themselves and the things they need to work on or are doing well. We are big believers in the use of video as a supplement to our goalies’ development. We video the drill portion of all of our sessions to upload to a private account for our goalies to review.

We can take it one step further and provide a full video breakdown of either the video from our session, or an uploaded video from you of saves and goals from a game or practice. We use voice-over commentary, slow motion playback, and drawing tools to really break down the video and provide a different view point for our goalies to see themselves.

Mentorship Program

Goaltending is a unique position, and unfortunately many parents and coaches know little to none about the position. This can lead to goalies feeling isolated, unsure, or lost, and could also result in them missing out on some key information that could help their development. This is why we offer a mentorship program which helps guide our goalies through the challenges of being a goalie and help them to reach their potential.

The mentorship program consists of regular bi-weekly video calls throughout the season and touches on topics such as goal setting, mental training, on and off ice training guidance, and general support for goalies. 

Organizational Support

We work with organizations to provide maximum development opportunities for the goalies within their system. All of the organizations we currently work with provide lots of great feedback of what True North has been able to offer them, and their goalie families are grateful that we are brought out.

We offer various support systems including on ice sessions, head and assistant coach training for goalie support, video breakdowns, try goalie events, and so much more.

We would love to add your organization to our network and help create the best experience for your goalies that maximizes development.

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