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During the video breakdowns, we use slow motion playback, voice over commentary, and drawing tools to provide a different perspective for our goalies. This allows them to see themselves and get a good understanding of things they need to improve on and things they are doing well.

For our video breakdowns, clients will be set up with their own private account on our free video app. From there, they can upload their own videos from games or practices that feature a montage of saves and goals that we can break down. Once our breakdown is finished, the client will be invoiced for the breakdown and once paid, the breakdown will be shared to their account on our video app. Breakdowns of videos taken during our on-ice sessions are possible to do as well.

The cost of breakdowns will be $1.50/minute for the output video of the breakdown. A 5 minute montage of goals and saves from a game translates to roughly 45 minutes of output breakdown video. Please ensure the video is fairly good quality and is of an angle where it is easy to see the play developing so that we can provide a high-quality breakdown. See below for a few short examples of what a video breakdown would look like.

To sign up for this service, fill out the form below, and we will be in touch to set you up on our video app! Please be aware that due to backlogs that it may be a while before the video review is performed. We will communicate this with you as best as possible upon booking.

“We use True North Goaltending for video review of game footage. It’s easy to upload into their app, they are very detailed with the right information we are looking for to build on our goaltending skills. The multiple new skills that we learn are then development at our next ice session. We always have access to go back to the video and review again because it’s stored in the app. This is a must for any person that wants to develop as a goaltender and is something we will continue to do to get better.”

 – Keith B.

“Sure you can learn things off of online videos, but nothing beats practice and repetition. Being able to review and breakdown your own personal practice footage helps in understanding the areas to improve and become a better goalie.”

 – Adam B.

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    Video Breakdown Examples

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